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Grammar Checking Tool will help you improve your writing right now, and it will inspire you to improve as a writer over the long run. This free English proofreading tool sifts through your writing word by word, phrase by phrase, find potential problems or areas that could be improved.

How it works:

  • Copy and paste your essay, email or research paper into the first text box.
  • As the software finishes processing your text, you will see portions of your text highlighted with different colors.
  • Click within the contextual highlights to see what kinds of automatic or suggested fixes Grammar Checking Tool puts forth
  • Every time you change the text, the service will proofread the affected paragraph again to find any additional grammar, spelling or language issues.
  • If you have not registered or logged in, then you must solve the Captcha to enable real-time proofreading.

Crafting clear written communication will help you in every situation that requires writing, whether in a formal business settings, sending emails to friends or submitting that all-important, final research project.

Writing competently will increase your readers' confidence in you personally. On the other hand, if your written work includes clich├ęs, passive voice, spelling mistakes and a variety of other avoidable issues, then readers will have a difficult time taking you or your work seriously. If you public written work with a variety of avoidable grammar or language mistakes, you are hindering people's ability to hear your message.

If you are student, then your grades depend on communicating effectively via the written word. This includes essays, research papers and even email correspondence with your teachers, professors and fellow students. Your job as a student is to demonstrate your knowledge in the subject at hand and this requires authoritative command of written communication.

If you are a business professional, you can inspire confidence with your co-workers and managers by communicating clearly every time you send out any written correspondence. Every email you send to your bosses and peers should demonstrate the fact that you take your work seriously.

If you write professionally, for example as a web content creator or as an author or full sized books, then avoiding grammar mistakes is absolutely vital.

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